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hell’s kitchen rescue



Hell’s Kitchen Rescue

Justin Rodriquez has hit on some hard times. After an unfortunate brush with the law, he is reduced to working in a thrift shop in New York City’s gayborhood, Hell’s Kitchen. One day, with only $4.80 to his name, he tries to steal a loaf of Wonder Bread and a can a chili (hot, with beans) and gets caught by two cops. It’s the tall, Irish, beefy one that attracts his attention—and vice versa. Office Brian O’Malley pursues a slightly unwilling Justin, while his partner, Peter, has other more heterosexual interests—shockingly, Brian’s divorced mother. As Justin and Brian bounce around New York City and Asbury Park, they come to terms with the fact that, despite Justin’s dark past and despite Brian’s dangerous job, they really are meant for each other.

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