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The Hellgate Club (In Stores 2022)

Since the elimination of his lover fifty years ago, Jeremiah has been wandering from victim to victim and from and grave to grave, ignoring the society of vampires centered in the Hellgate Club in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. One night, however, he is summoned back to society by Monseigneur, the enigmatic leader. He is asked to prove his faithfulness to him by being commanded to do a “becoming,” that is, creating a vampire of Michael, one of Monseigneur’s favorites. That done, he is instructed to take to the new vampire to his long-vacated townhouse to train him in “the ways.” Inevitably, Jeremiah and Michael fall in love, which does not at all please the all-powerful Monseigneur. In the meantime, the Vamps are under assault by the secret quasi-governmental Agency 7. This organization seeks not only to eliminate vampires, but to do ghastly experiments on them to discover their secrets of eternal life. Join Jeremiah and Michael and their compatriots who do battle with the forces of evil and see if they can escape being turned into ashes in the ultimate place of punishment for vampires, The Perfidium.


After the destruction of the place of assembly, The Hellgate Club, Monseigneur’s former assistant, Augustin, plans some exquisite revenge on Jeremiah and his colleagues. Not the least of Augustin’s problems is that he must locate a safe and convenient place to “reside” and rebuild his life. However, he is waylaid by the fact that the recent misfortune befalling the Vamps is due to the activities of the mysterious Agency 7. And, against his wishes for a solitary existence, Augustin finds himself falling for a handsome young man, Ryan, whom he meets in Soho on his way to his new resting place. Unfortunately, Agency 7 has become all too aware of Ryan and his existence, and the Vamps become aware that the Hellgate Conspiracy is much more complex than they had first imagined. They begin a journey to discover exactly who—or what—is betraying them.

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Jonathan (and Edwin)

With the disappearance of Monseigneur, Jeremiah has become the leader of the Vamps in New York. As a former member of high society in the nineteenth century, Jeremiah needs two things: His elegant Greenwich Village townhouse and humans to take care of it. He hires Jonathan to be his chauffeur, and quickly this curious young man becomes aware of what is really going on in the vault beneath the basement kitchen. Soon, everyone’s life—both the living and the undead—becomes much more complicated when an agent of Agency 7 starts investigating the untimely disappearance of two party-going young men. The tall blond former detective with Windex-blue eyes takes notice of Jonathan—and Jonathan of him. But will Jonathan remain a mere human? And will Edwin continue to work for an organization that seeks to destroy the vampires—or will he turn and also become one of Them? 

Alexandro and Scott Meet the Undead

Alejandro is a mere barback in The Five Points Grocery and Grog restaurant and bar in fashionable Soho neighborhood of New York City. But there’s been a murder with a slit throat in the men’s room and strange and very pale customers have been appearing in back room of the bar. When the owner, Abbot, goes missing. Alejandro fills in and keeps the place running—that is, until one night Abbot mysteriously returns and, to his amazement turns the liquor license over to Alejandro. He quickly figures out that there is a new normal going on in the neighborhood. One night, after a disturbance in the cellar, he is rescued by a very human and very handsome paramedic, Scott. Are Alejandro and Scott, the good-looking EMT, going to get together? And, more importantly, do they get to stay human?

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